Submitting your manuscript

Once you have finished writing your manuscript, it's time to submit it along with all the supporting documents.

Submission checklist

  • Your manuscript as one complete Word document
  • Book Information Form
  • Manuscript Delivery Form
  • Cover Image – either the high-resolution image or a link to the website

For illustrated books:

  • Illustrations as separate, high-resolution files
  • Illustration Submission Checklist

For books that are reproducing material in copyright:

  • Permissions Tracker

Your manuscript

Email your manuscript as one complete Word document: from the table of contents, through the text of the book, to the bibliography (you don't include the index at this stage).

Delivery Forms

At the same time, send your completed Book Information Form and Manuscript Delivery Form. These will be sent to you by your Assistant Commissioning Editor shortly before your submission date.

Cover image

We want you to love how your book looks, so we give you the opportunity to choose your own cover image (unless it's in a series with a typographical design). Check the cover image guidance notes for more details on choosing your cover image. Send us your front cover illustration when you submit your manuscript: either the high-resolution image or a link to the online repository.

Illustrations and illustration submission forms

If your book has illustrations, follow the illustration submission guidelines. Remember to submit your illustrations as separate image files – do not embed them in the Word document – and include the illustrations checklist.

Essential documents

Next Steps: production

Once you have submitted your manuscript, your editor will hand it over to our in-house production team.

  • Find out more about the production process