Your Cover Image

We want you to love how your book looks, so we give you the opportunity to choose your own cover image (unless it is in a series with a set design - if you're not sure, check with your Assistant Commissioning Editor).

How to submit your image

  • What do we need when submitting an image? What info do they need to provide? How will they provide it? Do we need a new form or would we tag it onto a different form?
  • Who do they go to? - ACE with other submission docs
  • How do we invite and handle reference #s vs attached images vs WeTransfer


We will contribute up to £150 towards the cost of clearing permission. For any additional fees... (What happens??)

Technical requirements

  • Resolution: 300dpi or higher
  • Image size: at least 170mm wide

Where to find your perfect image

Unless there are additional artists' permissions to clear through the Design and Artists Copyright Agency (DACS) then all of the sources listed should provide images within that budget.

Art image agencies

You will need to sign in using our account to view the image catalogue. Contact our Design Manager, Rebecca Mackenzie, for the log-in details:

  • Who buys from AKG?
  • How do you submit an image from AKG?
  • Is it £150 for all images?

Fees: The AKG image fee takes up the full £150 EUP cover image budget.

Copyright : the AKG fee is for the image file only - some images may also be in copyright and a further fee will be required to use it. Fees can be substantial so we recommend trying to find an image that is not in copyright. Click on the image to see whether it is in copyright.  If you still want to use an image that is in copyright, you will need to clear the copyright permission fees through DACS before submitting your cover image.

  • Is it always DACS?

Stock photo agencies

  • How do you submit an image from a stock photo agency?
  • Are we open to other stock photo agencies? How do we invite that?

We have accounts with the following stock photo agencies. If you choose a cover image from one of these stock photo agencies, send us the site name and the image reference number and we will purchase it directly.

Galleries, agencies, estates, individuals

If you would like to use an image that is not available through any of the above sources then you will need to approach the copyright holder/s directly to clear permission to use the image and to request a high resolution (300dpi and at least 170mm wide) image file. They will most likely want to know the following information about the book:

  • Title and Author/Editor
  • Proposed publication date [usually 9 months after your scheduled manuscript submission]
  • Type of publication: scholarly, not-for-profit
  • Image use: front cover
  • Proposed print run: up to 500 copies, including both print and ebook editions
  • Rights sought: non-exclusive world, English language rights

Further copyright clearance: If an artwork is still in copyright (e.g. the artist is still alive, or died less than 70 years ago) then you will also need to clear permission to use the image through DACS.

  • This doesn't quite make sense – we need to do more to explain when to use (or not use) DACS

Other sources


To request a price quotation:

Click the 'Buy' link below the image

Navigate to your basket

Fill out the three tabs

1. Planned Use

Select 'Public Display & Commercial'

2. Additional Information

You will need the following information:

  • Title of work: the title of your book
  • Medium: book (book or ebook)
  • Image size: front cover
  • Check the option 'Cover or Title Use'
  • Territory: World, One Language
  • Publication Date: this is usually 9 months from your agreed submission date
  • Date Required: erm...
  • Period of Use: uhh...
  • Licence to be made in favour of: Edinburgh University Press
  • Print run: 500

3. Your Details

  • Should they log in to our account for this one too?

[Once you have submitted your information, you will receive an email confirmation with a quote. The fees vary a lot and can be well above our £150 contribution, so please do check the quote is within your budget before deciding on the image. ]

  • How would a SCRAN image be submitted?



Flickr is a good place to find images and deal with photographers directly.

To request to use an image on Flickr: message the photographer to ask whether you can use their image on your book cover (you can find the messaging function on their profile page). Our standard offer is a fee of £75 and a copy of the book if they would like one. They will need to send you a high res image, an invoice (addressed to Edinburgh University Press) and the credit line they would like us to use on the back cover.

  • Do we need an address/email address for contacting them about their book?

DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society)

DACS is a licensing agency in the UK. Its sister agency in North America is the ARS (Artists Rights Society). If an artwork is still in copyright - e.g. the artist is still alive, or died less than 70 years ago - then you will need to clear permission to use the image through DACS. This does not apply to images sourced through iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Getty images etc, where the photographer/artist has sold their rights directly to the image bank. It also doesn't apply to images that sourced directly from the artist.

You can search to see if an artist is represented by DACS:

Next step: if the artist is represented by DACS, email our Design Manager Rebecca Mackenzie on and she will send you the permission request form that needs to be filled out and forwarded to them.

Fees: DACS' fees are expensive and often come in above our £150 budget. They only cover clearing the artists' permission and not the supply of images or reproduction permissions, which AKG Images will charge us for separately.


Print run: is 500 the current number?

DACS: I'm so confused...